We don't see things as they are...
We see them as we are.

- Anais Nin- 

Shelley Overton is a self-taught fine artist. She has a degree in commercial art, and a BA in Communicatons

from the University of Colorado at Denver. She has been studying astrology since she was 12, which adds

up to a lot of years' experience and study. Her astrological podcast is the AstroEnergy Astrology Show, and she has been producing it since April of 2010. Shelley has may interests, with most of them related to aesthetics and art, or metaphysics. Shelley has an entrepreneurial streak which she expresses through the multitude of businesses she runs. She keeps busy, most days, with astrology, art, design, and illustration. Shelley is working on a beginners' astrology book, which will be the backbone to her upcoming online astrolgy classes. When there is a spare moment, she enjoys time with her teenaged children, Clint and Juliet. Shelley lives in Orlando, Florida.

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