We don't see things as they are...
We see them as we are.

- Anais Nin- 

How are you? My name is Shelley Overton. I am a designer, artist, illustrator, writer and entrepreneur. I am passionate about children, and their whimsical world. I use my background in graphic design, and parenting, as well as my love of animals, humor, and design, to create the illustrations and merchandise you see on this site.  

A little background... I am a self-taught fine artist. My degrees are in Commercial Art, and Communications. I have been studying astrology since I was 12, which adds up to a lot of years' experience and study. My astrological podcast is the AstroEnergy Astrology Show, and I have been producing it since April of 2010. I have many interests, with most of them related to aesthetics, metaphysics, and art. I have an entrepreneurial streak I express this through the multitude of businesses I run: Orlando Murals, Dotted Sky and Angelic Zodiac. I keep busy, most days, with astrology, art, design, and illustration. My astrology eBook is Learn Astrology! 

When there is a spare moment, I enjoy time with my adult children, Clint and Juliet.  


If you have a project I can help you with, please email me