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"Shelley has read charts for me in several different situations over the last five years.  I'm still grateful for the descriptive knowledge and detailed insight she has provided that changed my attachment to my perceptions, which would have led me into heartache or challenges.  The only way I could have avoided that trouble was with the info she provided. Thanks"



"I wanted to thank you so much for the reading today. I enjoyed it very much! "

~ Stephanie

"Hello Shelley,


I just discovered your astrology podcast yesterday and found it very intriguing. You have a very clear way of explaining and breaking thing down."

T. Nicole


" Hi Shelley,
Thank you SO much for meeting with me and spending so much time with me today. I feel more hopeful that things will work out/fall into place this coming year and in the future. I found the ... idea intriguing, so I will look into that more. I'll continue to listen to your show and hope to read your book when it comes out! Thanks again!"



Miss J.

"Hi, Shelley, I wanted to Thank You for the reading you did this week on your radio show. It has helped me put into a much better perspective of what I am processing right now."



Lori J.

"Hello Shelley,

I thank you for the blessing of your time and the sharing of your spiritual gifts!

I was electrified yesterday by your energy and I felt in harmony with the universe when you let Spirit and divination flow through you; to be hungrily received by the world!"




"I listen to you weekly...and just love your enthusiasm and graciousness."

~ SHARI, Colorado



" I am a HUGE fan, and love listening to you."