Prolific Pandemic

It is a misconception to think that a web site is a "one and done" affair. I think we all would love to create a static web site, then just pop our content into it, but, alas, that is not the reality of it. We live in fast moving times. When I began designing a web site for myself, I was completely enamored of the idea of a web site, and putting my mark on the World Wide Web. It was so new, and so innovative. Over the years, I have redesigned my website numerous times, expanded the business idea to others, included derivative identities, and pared it down again. Every time, it seems like déja vu all over again, at this point.

Now, my design is where I want it, more or less. And the other sites are being released to the ethers. Now, I have combined my art with my graphic design. Soon, I will bring in my astrological site. That will be all of it. So today, I share with you the latest iteration. Of which, I am sure, it will not be the last. I am looking forward to expanding the social side of it, and building my community.

I have been busy creating art. I find the lockdown era great for creative stimulation, just ask Taylor Swift.

She released two albums in 4 months! The following are some of my recent paintings. I am, also, hard at work making products and merchandise to be sold here. Like I said, bringing all my endeavors together.

I find working on black sketchbook paper is a nice substitute for black canvas. I have to work the paint a little more, with more layers, but that adds to the feel of the artwork. All the pieces shown are the same size, 11"x14". I will link them to their purchase page. If you are interested in the originals, email me, and we work that out.

Take a look around, and if you are so inclined, please create your own page, or at the very least, join the mailing list and SUBSCRIBE. I hope your holidays are fulfilling, self-awakening, and lovely. Thank you for stopping by cliché central. LOL

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