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*Trigger warning*

It is really hard to go here, again. September of 1964, my parents brought me into the world at Boulder Community Hospital. April of 1999, my son was 9 months old in Littleton, Colorado – two miles from Columbine. My then-husband called and asked me if I was watching TV. I turned it on to see a horrific event unfolding, The Columbine Massacre. As a new mother, it went through my mind "how will I keep my child safe at school?!" This is my future. It was my future. Fast forward to 2018, my daughter was going to high school in Orlando, Flordia. A few times each school year I would get a robocall from the school district that my child was in lockdown because of a threat. By the time Parkland happened, I was exhausted and stressed. Then Parkland happened, my daughter was one year from graduation in the same state. How do you find your fortitude to keep going, and tell your kids they have to go into that kind of environment EVERY DAY?! The overwhelm of the empathy towards those kids, and flashbacks to Columbine ate at my soul. It boggles my mind how anyone in this country cannot see how guns are eating away at our personal and societal security. I would be remiss to not mention my position in this blog. If this triggers you in a contrarian way, it is time to run that thread down, and get real with yourself. You may, also, stop reading.

I pursue the practice of astrology because, on some level, it helps me feel like life is more predictable. That being said, yes, in a recent podcast I mentioned planets moving into Aries and the connection to aggressive behavior in society. Aries is the God of War, and ruler of aggression. Whenever he is activated, through transiting planets, and especially at this time of Pluto in Capricorn (which squares Aries), he acts out. Volcanoes which haven't erupted in 600+ years in Iceland are erupting, earthquakes continue to shake the planet, and harass Japan. George Floyd and Black Lives Matter emerged under six month Mars in Aries transit of 2020. It is clear to see a connection between Aries, and Mars, when it comes to world aggression, and male aggression.

So now, let's look at the Boulder Shooting chart from March 22, 2021. The time was 2:30 pm, Mountain Daylight Time, Boulder, Colorado. To look at this chart, I am combining it with the chart for Boulder, the city, and another combined chart for Colorado. The final chart is a collection of three Colorado shootings. In analyzing these, I do hope to take the edge off of my anxiety. It isn't "desensitizing" as much as dull-sensitizing, as sensitivity has reached a fever pitch. With Mercury (thoughts) and Neptune (illusions and dreams) in Pisces, we are psychically more in tune. Venus moved out of Pisces, and into Aries at 8:16 a.m. MT, March 21, 2021, and the Sun had just moved into Aries on Saturday, March 20th at 2:37 a.m. MT. When we have planets shift from one sign to another, we can feel the energy of their presence more strongly. With that shift being from the deeply emotive water sign of Pisces, also representative of an ending, and into Aries, birth of the ego, we feel go up a few notches more. Aries, being ruled by Mars, looks for a way to express itself in the physical world, through action. Ideas are hatched in Pisces, things are felt which make it hard to detect reality from illusion, ideas from actuality. We feel as if our thoughts are real, Mercury in Pisces. When the Sun moves into Aries, the ego can take over. When Venus moved in a day later, desire now wants to act out. With Chiron, the wounded healer, in Aries at 8°, on some level there is a motivator to heal a deeper wound through behavior. Where is Boulder's "natal" Chiron? At 7° Aries. They were within one degree of the deep wounding from action, male energy, aggression. Blood is ruled by Aries, and the shooter, while walking back to the ambulance under the watch of the Boulder police, was bleeding down his leg, completely covered.

The deeply emotional nature of loss of life, a storyline we have been living for just over a year now, is part of the water energy of Pisces, but also the position of the Moon that day, in Cancer. The shooting took place at a supermarket, a place most feel is a communal safe haven. A place that we go for sustenance, an extension of home, hearth and family. Those killed* range from a tender 20 years old to a grandmotherly 65 years old. Also representing death and heartache is Pluto in the end degrees of Capricorn. When planets trigger this energy, Pluto can act very decisively, but also have a hard time detaching from emotional dogma, which may be expressed as indignancy, political activism, and out-and-out anger. Pluto comes by its reputation honestly, the reputation of being vindictive. Vindictiveness can come out in our society as violent events driven by personal emotional upheaval. When planets transit Cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer and Libra, at positions which are difficult, 150°, 90° or 180°, we see events occur to express out the frustration, which often leads to anger. Tension builds until it is acted upon, especially if Mars is active in the dynamic. Dual shooting events of this past week are, clearly, influenced by Mars' position in Gemini.

Looking at the Incorporated Boulder chart, what jumps out at me, besides the Chiron return, is the proximity of a 10° Gemini Mars to the Nodes of Fate, in the same sign as the Boulder Nodes and Mars' square with transiting Mercury at 9°. Transiting Pluto within 3° of an exact opposition to Boulder's Jupiter at 29° (endings) conjunct Boulder's Moon at 00° Leo, conjunct a 01° Uranus in Leo. Jupiter can signify transitions, domestic activity and an indicator - Moon, and the unexpected and community planet - Uranus. Transiting Moon at the last degree of the house of death and rebirth, a house ruled by Pluto.

As an aside, there are some commonalities with this chart to a bi-wheel chart of the day my brother-in-law passed to my chart. I have a 00° Scorpio rising, Boulder's sunrise chart for the da

y of its incorporation is 11° Scorpio. The day my brother-in-law passed, the transiting Nodes of Fate were 9° off my natal Nodes of Fate in the same sign positions. The day of the Boulder Massacre, the Nodes of Fate were 9° off the Boulder natal Nodes of Fate in the same sign. And both Boulder and I have the same Nodes of Fate signs, Gemini North and Sagittarius South. Both days, Moon was in Cancer, and Moon in Cancer was in the very last degree of the house of death, the 8th House. Both bi-wheels had transiting Chiron within 2° of the natal Chiron, effectively putting myself and Boulder charts in their Chiron returns. And a reminder, I was born in Boulder.

Colorado's statehood chart places the Aries planets on the cusp of the 8th and 9th houses. The last degree of the 8th house is where Venus fell, in Aries. Again, 8th house death/rebirth. Pluto ruled. Venus, normally a demure, receptive energy, in Aries becomes desirous of action. She is impatient, aggressive, and even angry. She acts more in the masculine vein. With the Sun one degree away from her, combust, Venus gets even more "fire". Guns fall under Mars and Aries rulership. When a planet exits the 8th house, it fulfills the promise of the house. In other words, we see the fulfilment of what has come to mind, come to light, or been the theme of the house. This is true for all cusp transitions.

The Moon in Cancer, conjunct Colorado's natal Venus in the 12th of the subconscious and hidden adds to the emotionalism of the moment. The women and mothers slain, and the location all scream Cancer. Food, grocery stores and the familiar community meeting-place make it an externalization of our home.

For those who listen to my podcast, you will know how I feel about trines. They are, historically "good", but I find them to have a tremendous power to hurt us. In the Colorado chart, Colorado has 4 planets in the fire sign of Leo, trine to the Moon in Sagittarius, and missing its Aries sector. On March 22nd, Venus, the Sun, and Chiron all complied and finished off the fire Grand Trine. Tremendous power to wound through action, and fiery means. Transiting Jupiter squared natal Jupiter within a degree, a square being friction.The Nodes of Fate challenged the "Boulder Bubble" described in the media, with transiting Neptune one degree off of the North/South Nodes. Late degree Aries midheaven points to martial influence on killing getting public attention with a 28° Aries Midheaven. This is a statewide issue, where other mass shootings seemingly abound, i.e. Columbine, Aurora and 11 others starting in 1993.

A sampling of those other murderous rampages is below. Three shootings are compared here. When comparing events, you look for the common number degrees, and the common signs. In this case, common signs of all three shootings are Aries, God of War, and Gemini, ideas, concepts, learning, and duality. With Jupiter, in each chart, in difficult positions, trine in fire, an inconjunct or quincunx (150°) to Pluto. All suspect aspects. Two out of three had Moon in Cancer, two out of three had Venus in Gemini, with the last having Mars in Gemini within a degree of each other.

What does this all tell us? It tells us that states, and cities, have trigger points which can be cusps, angles, degrees or signs. We look deeper into the comparison charts for clues as to what we cannot outwardly understand. All of these charts have even more to tell us, if we look. If you are interested in doing more dissection, please email me your observations at . Part of the fascination with astrology is an overlap from psychology. It is the study of human behavior, and the influence on our choices, and behavior, the planetary and heavenly bodies have. With so many places, so many aspects, being able to predict future, how can we ever anticipate if our community is the next up to experience such horror? Maybe one day, when astrology is more commonly accepted, astrologers will be the keeper of their individual city's, or town's, or community's story. They can pay closer attention to the simmering tensions and aspects, and give warning to the civic leaders, without fear of outdated notions of trickery or sorcery.

My heart and prayers, yes, prayers, go out to the Boulder community, and Aurora, and Littleton, and Parkland, and Atlanta, and .... take a breath. Let's end this now, because we can.

*Denny Strong - 20, Neven Stanisic- 23, Rikki Olds - 25, Tralona Bartkowiak-49, Suzanne Fountain-59, Teri Leiker-51, Eric Talley-51, Kevin Mahoney-61, Lynn Murray-62, and Jody Waters-65

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