Dotted Sky is the location of Shelley's blog, vlogs and an outlet for writing, videos, and other artistic & creative endeavors. Check it out, there are links to shops, videos, and art products.

You will find more information on murals for the Orlando area. See past murals created for residential and commercial clients here. Book a mural through this site.


Angelic Zodiac brings the angelic realm to the astrological art. Find out about the angels and astrology here.

Buzzbabee is the online shop of whimsical designs geared towards that little bundle of joy in your life. Find products for your baby, or gifts, here.

Entrepreneurship came from Shelley's love of art, and astrology. This site gives each Sun sign their own design. Each design hosts different merchandise you can purchase.

Charm Hollow is the fantasy world of a sweet little bunny, Charm. This site is driven by a community of adorable animals, all created for the Hollow by artist Shelley Overton. Links to art prints, products, and more!