If you would like a shorter peek into your chart, and current astrological aspects, this is the reading for you. You could call this "maintenance". Shelley will look at what is affecting you currently, or in the coming months. She can answer questions you have in the current time. If you don't have an hour + for a full reading, this choice if for YOU! 

*Readings recorded and emailed within 24 hours after reading.

Mini Astrological Reading with Shelley

  • After you purchase your reading, and pay, you will choose your appointment time. If you do not get an option to do that, Shelley will contact you ASAP to off you a few time options in the near future. Have your birth date, place and time (as near as you can). You will receive a confirmation email of the appointment, and further instructions. Shelley usually sends a Skype link.

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